What is Moleanos limestone

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In this episode, we will be talking about the well-known Moleanos limestone, a beige colored limestone from Portugal.

The Moleanos is a Portuguese limestone that is extracted by a dozen quarries located in the area around the village with the same name as the limestone: Moleanos. Moleanos lies at the footsteps of Serra Aires e Candeeiros Natural Park, the most important limestone extraction centre of Portugal.

The Moleanos limestone has a light beige color, presenting fine to medium grain and a very uniform background. It is the color consistency of this limestone that in fact made it so popular. Its main variations depend on grain structure (which can be fine or medium), as well as color (with beige as the most representative variation, but a blue to light grey colored variation also available and with growing demand). Finally, the Moleanos may present a mixed color variation, called the Moleanos Mix, blending beige and blue in the same stone.

In terms of surface finishes, the Moleanos is a preferential limestone to be used with a polished or honed surface finish, mostly found on flooring. Additionally, other surface finishes such as sandblasted or flamed are widely accepted, mostly for exterior paving and other exterior applications.

The Moleanos is a type of natural stone known for its endurance and versatility. Due to its hardness, large availability and color consistency, it has been widely used on numerous applications. It is very common to find Moleanos limestone on both interior and exterior applications, such as flooring or paving, as well as on wall cladding. The MoleanosĀ is also a preferential limestone used on interior decoration, such as staircases, fireplaces, bath design and more.

However, the type of applications that are mostly used by stone professionals and builders are found on masonry. Here, we can find beautiful applications on columns and balusters, fountains and garden decoration, window and door frames, among others.

The Moleanos has been for many years the most well-known Portuguese limestone and a reference limestone in the world. It has a well established market, being found pretty much on any stone catalogue as a reference beige limestone, from Europe to North America, Asia or the Middle East, where demand for this kind of limestone is consistent.

Similar limestones have come to the market in recent years, threatening the position of the Moleanos and becoming a real competition to this great beige limestone. But nonetheless, the Moleanos has kept its strong position and is still today a reference beige limestone to be considered for any interior or exterior project.

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