Moleanos limestone alternative names

The Moleanos is one of the most famous limestones in the world, with large demand in several countries. It has gained its reputation from a combination of factors such as color, grain, uniform supply and affordable pricing.

Today, it is common to find this limestone on catalogs of stone companies all over the world. This massive market access has led to the development of several names, which each supplier decided to give according to its market needs and specifications. But how do we know which name refers to the original Moleanos limestone?

Below we present some of the most common names in which the Moleanos limestone is also known:

– Moleanos: The original name of this limestone. It is named after the town located nearby the main quarries, where this limestone is extracted.

– Gascogne Beige: Perhaps the name the generates more confusion as many companies present Gascogne Beige as a variation of the Moleanos. This is pretty much the name in which this limestone is known on the USA market.

– Gascogne Blue: The USA name for the Moleanos Blue variation. The Moleanos Blue is originally known as Moleanos Azul.

– Porto Beige: A less popular name but that also describes the Moleanos limestone. The Porto Beige is another limestone, but commonly refers to the Moleanos from Portugal.

– Rochemaniere: This is the name of a beige colored French limestone. Due to its limited availability and much higher price, many companies started calling the Moleanos as Rochemaniere.

– Mirabelle: Another beige colored French limestone, more expensive and less available. Due to market need for cheaper limestone, some suppliers started calling the Moleanos as Mirabelle.

– Molianos: Few Portuguese suppliers call the Moleanos as Molianos, as a way to differentiate a bit from competitors.

– Creme Moleanos: Some consider this as the official name of the Moleanos limestone. It means Moleanos Cream in Portuguese, a direct reference to its beige creamy colour.

– Beige Fino or Beige Classico: Yet other alternative names for the Moleanos, to refer to both Fine and Classic selections of the Moleanos limestone.

– Branco Real: This is a common name of the Moleanos in Russia.