The Moleanos limestone has a light beige coloured background and a slight greyish tonality, with thin to medium grain and showing disperse brownish fine spots – known as Moleanos Classic. There is also the blue coloured Moleanos with a blueish background – known as Moleanos Blue. Finally, there is the mixed coloured Moleanos, which includes a mix of blue and beige coloured background – known as Moleanos Mixed.

However, today the main types of Moleanos limestone available in the market are all beige coloured. These are the thin grain (also known as Moleanos Fine) and the medium grain (also known as Moleanos Classic). Below we present you pictures of both these variations.

  • Moleanos Classic Limestone

    Moleanos Classic

  • Moleanos Fine Limestone

    Moleanos Fine

  • Moleanos Blue Limestone

    Moleanos Blue

Extraction Area

The Moleanos limestone is explored around the area of Moleanos – Aljubarrota, which is located on the border of Serra D´Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park. This area is located in the centre of Portugal, about 100 kilometres north of Lisbon.

Moleanos lies at the footsteps of Serra D´Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park, which is still included in the ring of limestone extraction area – also known as the main ornamental limestone quarrying centre in Portugal.