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There are several different variations of the Moleanos being extracted in quarries, but we present you below two of the most commonly available in the market: the thin grain and the medium grain Moleanos.

Moleanos limestone types

Moleanos Fine

Moleanos Classic

Moleanos Origins

The Moleanos limestone is extracted around the town of Moleanos – Aljubarrota, which is located in the center of Portugal. It extraction area of Moleanos lies at the bottom of the Serra D´Aire and Candeeiros, the main limestone extraction centre in Portugal…| History

Moleanos Utilization

Technically, the Moleanos limestone is a fairly hard natural stone. It is highly recommended for exterior and interior applications such as paving and coverings.


It is also commonly found on diverse applications such as masonry, stonework, interior decoration, or even cladding…| Recommended use


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Moleanos Blue, the highly demanded and increasingly sought after, light gray and vibrant blue limestone. Recently, the demand for this limestone in the US and UK has grown at an astronomical rate. What also attributes to the growing demand of this limestone is its limited supply. This sounds like a typical economics equation for the [...]

Moleanos limestone common variations

The Moleanos is a famours beige coloured limestone from Portugal. But what is exactly this limestone? Does it have any variations? How can I distinguish its different grades/quality? Is there one single grade or several different ones?