Most Popular Moleanos Finishings

There are currently four Moleanos finishings that have conquered the international market in the past few years. Despite the wide finishing acceptance of this beige limestone, the production focuses mainly on a few types, according to the consumer’s preferences.

The Moleanos is a Portuguese natural stone that is well-known for its versatility. In general, it presents a set of characteristics that can suit almost any project. From a considerable hardness, to a uniform background, medium grain, natural elements and a consistent beige colour. Additionally, this beige limestone presents no real limitations regarding finishing options, as it can accept about anything. Still, there’s four different types that clearly stand out – honed, polished, sandblasted & brushed and bush-hammered. In terms of demand, these are the most popular ones. Most likely because they offer some of the best features for their recommended applications.

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