Most Popular Moleanos Blue Finishings

As an exclusive limestone from Portugal, the Moleanos Blue is quite versatile and accepts well many different finishings. However, there are four particular types that have been growing on popularity in the international markets.

The Moleanos Blue is a grey-blue limestone that presents a somewhat uniform background and an increased hardness. While the grain can range from fine to medium, the surface is faithful to its origins and it displays all sort of elements, such as fossils, shells and some lighter and darker spots. Just like the majority of Portuguese limestones, the Moleanos Blue has a high utility value. Therefore, it can be used on almost any type of application and finishing. Still, there are four finishings that are currently the most popular and on-demand: polished, honed, flamed and sandblasted-brushed. While the first two are commonly used on interior applications, the rest is often used on exterior ones.

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