Interesting Finishings for the Moleanos Limestone

The Moleanos is a reference beige limestone that is extracted in Portugal. This is a very versatile limestone, which can be used on a large diversity of applications, both interior and exterior. Part of this versatility is explained by its great technical properties, which makes the Moleanos a fairly hard and resistant limestone. These properties allow the Moleanos to accept well many different types of finishings. Below we present some of these finishings:


The ex-libris of finishings for the Moleanos limestone. The polished finishing highlights the beige colour and well-defined grain of this limestone, which are some of its unique features.

The surface is smooth and shiny, presenting a darker coloured type of beige. This finishing is mostly used on flooring applications.

Moleanos Classic Brushed


The Moleanos limestone accepts quite well the bush-hammered finishing. Due to its hardness, this is a finishing that is applied quite well in such limestone. It changes the surface of the limestone considerably, but maintaining a certain beige colour.

This type of finishing is very popular for applications such as street paving, pool borders and some wall cladding.

Tip: after the bush-hammered finishing, try to add a brushed finishing to smooth the surface.

Moleanos Classic Bush-Hammered


The brushed is a very interesting type of finishing that matches perfectly with the Moleanos limestone. Its surface its fairly smooth, but with a certain grip. And it maintains much of the original colour of the Moleanos, but highlighting its grain and some potential fossils.

This finishing is commonly found on diverse flooring applications, as well as some wall cladding and decoration.

Moleanos Classic Brushed


A surprising finishing for a limestone, the flamed finishing can be only applied on one type of Moleanos: the Vidraco Moleanos. This is a more vitreous type of limestone that accepts well the flamed finishing. The main characteristic of this finishing is a slight pinkish tone of the limestone.

This is a preferential finishing to be used on street paving projects and diverse flooring applications.

Moleanos Vidraco Flamed