Moleanos Blue Limestone

Moleanos Blue, the highly demanded and increasingly sought after, light gray and vibrant blue limestone. Recently, the demand for this limestone in the US and UK has grown at an astronomical rate. What also attributes to the growing demand of this limestone is its limited supply. This sounds like a typical economics equation for the law of demand. There are many probable explanations for the high demand and limited supply for this premium limestone.

Moleanos Blue Limestone Polished

One common issue is that many suppliers and distributors are pushing this product to companies, manufacturers and builders, to utilize in all their varieties of projects and planning. Those who offer Moleanos Blue as a prime resource in their proposals, fail to take into consideration the true supply there is of this unique limestone. A major issue is that a proposal is accepted using this limestone, and then later has to be renegotiated due to lack of supply.

Moleanos Blue Limestone Slabs

Moleanos Blue is a sought after version of limestone due to its rare color attributions. This limestone resides in the same quarries as the Moleanos Classic limestone, the main beige colored limestone. As evident, most who extract limestone from the quarries tend to come across the brown variation the most, while the blue will appear, but much less frequently than the classic.

As most of have witnessed the variations in color of the Moleanos Classic limestone, Moleanos Blue limestone also comes in drastic and breath taking color variations. As the rainbow shades vary over the color gradients, so do the shades of this blue limestone. The most sought after version of this limestone is a deep blue without any evidence of a brown or beige trace. The color variations depend greatly on the thickness of the grains embedded in the limestone. Whether it is a fine grain or a thick grain, the demand is the same for either version, especially if it lacks any brown colour.

Moleanos Blue Limestone Brushed

Moleanos Blue Limestone Sandblasted Brushed

Moleanos Blue Limestone Mixed

The use for this limestone is replicable to the Moleanos Classic limestone. With such a hard attribute and uniform color shading, this stone is coveted by many designers, architects and decorators. For those lucky enough to have this as an option in their project, you can rest assured it will be selected to use. Again, the biggest challenge for all professions looking to use such a precious stone, is the lack of ample supply.

Due to the limited supply and growing demand, it is to be anticipated that this limestone’s appreciation and price will only increase throughout time. The realization of its limited supply will cause larger projects to look at other variations of limestone, and save the Moleanos Blue limestone for smaller, more intimate projects and proposals.