Moleanos Classic vs Jura Beige limestone


As two of the heavy-weights in the market, the Jura Beige and the Moleanos Classic are direct competitors but also complementary beige limestones. Both present exceptional features, such as a consistent beige colour and a high versatility. But which are the main differences between them?

The Jura Beige and the Moleanos Classic are extremely versatile, they accept a variety of different finishings and are recommended for a range of applications. In addition to sharing a consistent beige colour and a considerable hardness, the two limestones are very different when it comes to background characteristics and overall appearance. While the Jura Beige presents an irregular look, with a unique vein and strong signs of fossils, the Moleanos Classic has a fairly uniform and plain background, with some visible natural elements, such as calcite, fossils and darker brown spots. While choosing between the two limestones, it’s important to consider the type of project and desired appearance. Because in the end result will be very similar in terms of technical properties, what substantially changes is the visual composition.

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Source: Natural Stone Outlet