Moleanos Blue limestone

Moleanos Blue, the highly demanded and increasingly sought after, light gray and vibrant blue limestone. Recently, the demand for this limestone in the US and UK has grown at an astronomical rate. What also attributes to the growing demand of this limestone is its limited supply. This sounds like a typical economics equation for the [...]

Moleanos limestone common variations

The Moleanos is a famours beige coloured limestone from Portugal. But what is exactly this limestone? Does it have any variations? How can I distinguish its different grades/quality? Is there one single grade or several different ones?

Moleanos reference project: Gresham Street – London

We are starting here a series of articles where we analyse several reference projects done by our company all over the world using Moleanos limestone. This project is called 30 Gresham Street, a building located in the City of London.

Interesting finishing for the Moleanos limestone

The Moleanos is a reference beige limestone that is extracted in Portugal. This is a very versatile limestone, which can be used on a large diversity of applications, both interior and exterior. Part of this versatility is explained by its great technical properties.

Which other names for the Moleanos limestone?

The Moleanos is one of the most famous limestones in the world, with large demand in several countries. It has gained its reputation from a combination of factors such as colour, grain, considerable hardness for a limestone and affordable pricing.